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ACU Member Advocate Saves Member from $5,000 Scam

We advocate for you.

July 2021 - A member came through the drive-thru that normally doesn’t.  The member asked for their savings balance, which is also something they normally don’t do.  After seeing the balance, they asked for $5000.00 in cash. The member was doing all of this while talking on the phone. The Alliant Credit Union Member Advocate, recognizing that something was not right, told the member that they would need to come in for that amount of cash.  The member refused because they said they had to stay on the phone. Since the member was on the phone with someone, the Member Advocate felt that our member was being scammed. The Member Advocate then offered to go out to the member's car. 

The Member Advocate eventually brought the member inside the branch and the member received a few more calls with the person on the other end claiming to be a police officer from Dubuque, IA. The caller even gave a badge number. The Credit Union called the local police department to find out there wasn’t anyone by that name on the force.

Member was so shook up that the Member Advocate called a family member to come get the member and explained what had happened to them. 

Were it not for the quick thinking and scam prevention training that is expected of our staff, this member would have been cheated out of $5,000!!! The Member Advocate has been commended for attention to this member and the situation. This is what we mean when we say we work for you!