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ATIRA Reload Cards

ATIRAreload Card

Alliant Credit Union is excited to announce the release of its Reloadable VISA Card. These low cost cards can be used anywhere VISA is accepted including, Point of Sale (POS), ATM and online.

With the ATIRAreload Card, you can:

  • Save money and use it instead of paying check cashing fees, buying money orders and paying for money transfer fees.
  • Only spend what you have.
  • Have a safe option to access your money.
  • Start a financial relationship with Alliant Credit Union.

These cards are perfect for:

  • Teens – learn budgeting and financial responsibility without the chance of overdrawing an account. Parents can also monitor the account by receiving text alerts when purchases have been made.
  • Travelers – with travelers checks becoming obsolete, these cards are the perfect replacement! Travelers will not have to carry cash and will find the security capabilities a great feature.
  • Online Shoppers – the security functions on these cards will make shopping online stress free!
  • You – since direct deposits can be applied to these cards, you can use these cards to help budget your fun account, save money on check cashing services, pay bills, and more!

The Reloadable VISA is different from a debit card because it is not tied to a checking account; different from a credit card because the money on your card is funded by you (not a revolving line of credit); and, different from a gift card because the you can reload the Prepaid VISA.

For more information and to open an ATIRAreload Card, please Contact Us