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Credit and Debit Card Traveling Tips

Notify Alliant Credit Union
Whether it’s an extended weekend to Nashville or a week in the Bahama’s, always remember to let Alliant Credit Union know of any travel plans so we can add a special note to your account. With all the fraud and data breaches happening around the country, our Falcon Fraud program gets put into high gear when transactions are made outside your normal purchasing cycles. When you notify Alliant Credit Union of travel plans, we’ll put a note on your account to okay transactions in the area of your travel to help your transaction from getting blocked . If there is not a note placed on your account, there is a higher likelihood of transactions being declined due to suspicious activity.

Other traveling tips:
• Signature vs PIN Purchases
When traveling and using your debit card, if possible consider using your PIN to complete transactions. It is said that transactions look less suspicious when the PIN number is being used and the card is less likely to be blocked.

• Fraud Operations
Card holders should keep the Fraud Operations phone number with them. These phone numbers are answered 24/7 (including holidays). For debit cards, these numbers are (866) 508-2693 and (515) 558-7609. For credit cards, this number is (800) 234-5354. If you’re unable to use your card, please call one of these numbers.

• Contact Information
Please be sure to let us know if you’re phone number has changed. If you ever have a suspicious transaction trying to get through your account, SHAZAM (for debit cards) or Card Services (for credit cards), will try to contact you before putting a block on your card. Having current contact information will allow these services to contact you as soon as possible.
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Lost/Stolen Debit Cards: 866-508-2693 or Credit Cards: 800-234-5354  •  Routing Number: 273 974 633  •  Touch Tone Teller: 888-995-9959
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